Explore trends and analysis of the Pinoy Lucky LottoExplore trends and analysis of the Pinoy Lucky Lotto

Explore Lotto Trends and Analysis

Uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions with Pinoy Lucky's in-depth lotto analysis. Our Trending section provides customizable charts and trends to help you understand the intricacies of various lotto games.
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Omission: The distance between previous occurrence and the next occurrence.
Occurrences: The total number of occurrences in the statistic period.
Max Omission: The longest distance between the previous number occurrences and the next occurrence.
Average Omission: The average value does not appear in the statistic period, the formula is calculated = total Omision in the statistic period / (Occurrences +1).
Max Continuous: The number of consecutive iterations in the statistic period.

For Example:
The Draw No 20200420 appears 0 in the 1st digit (hundred thoundsands), then Draw No 20200504 (the distance is 13 draw no) and Draw No 20200508 (the distance is 3 draw no) 0 appears again, therefore:
Occurrences : 2
Max Omissio : 13
Average Omission : (13+3)/(2+1) = 5
Max Continuous : 1